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  • A Look Ahead...

    As I write this article during a typical time of reflection in the middle of December (wondering if Santa thinks I've been naughty or nice), I think back on our accomplishments. Without a doubt, the 117th Air Refueling Wing had a very successful 2013 by any measurable criteria. Whether it was deployments, sortie rates, mission capable rates or
  • VA Disability for National Guard Veterans

    Since my active duty service at Andrews AFB and when I attended the Transition Assistance Program, the rules for ANG/NG service members being able to draw a VA disability while drilling have changed. Since the mid 2000's the rules have changed for traditional guardsmen being able to draw their drill check and a VA disability. Below are four myths'
  • Preventive Medicine

    Health promotion in the military has been an important topic for a long time. Servicemember health readiness is a critical success factor in accomplishing the various DOD missions as our country's total fighting force experiences ever increasing demands. Health promotion in our workplace is an investment in our most important asset, the 117 ARW
  • Health Effects of Cigarette Smoking

    Every organ system in the body is harmed from smoking. This habit or addiction accounts for nearly 500,000 deaths per year in the U.S. More deaths are caused each year by tobacco use than all deaths combined attributable to HIV, illegal drug use, alcohol use, motor vehicle accidents, suicides and murders. It is not surprising that smoking is
  • Benefits of a Health & Fitness Lifestyle

    Habits are difficult to change. There are people that will never be able to adopt a more disciplined approach to life due to a lack of resolve and desire. New USAF fitness standards have certainly created a need for many of us to make changes in our diets and levels of exercise activity. Even without these career considerations pursuing a healthy
  • Recent Changes

    Every individual on this earth has their own moral code. Moral codes represent the ethics and values of individuals. As a blended society of different cultures, moral codes tend to differ between individuals. These codes may be rooted in Christian values, secular standards or even from a violent upbringing derived from pain and abuse. In order to
  • From War to Peace

    As I have recently taken command of the 99th Air Refueling Squadron, I see a tremendous task ahead of our military. Many of us have been at war since we entered the military and do not know what peacetime looks like. Every day, we hear the major media outlets echo our nation's leader's direction for retrograde and withdrawal from protracted
  • Win by Listening

    We have all been there--while you are planning your next vacation, otherwise daydreaming, or thinking about how you're going to squeeze "blood from a turnip" to get the mission accomplished--you hear your co-worker or loved one say: "Are you listening? What did I just say?" If you're wise, your answer better not be "Yeah, you said "blah, blah,
  • "DYK...Your Official Military Personnel Record is Online?"

    Did you know...Your Official Military Personnel Record is Online?Now that your personnel record is electronic, you have access to it 24/7. You can view and print forms or manage your record when it's convenient for you. Simply use the Personnel Records Display Application (PRDA) on the myPers website at mypers.af.mil. Although you may log in to
  • A Change is Going to Come!

    Last year was full of changes in our senior leadership at many levels. New visions, new goals and greater expectations typically follow changes in leadership. Gen. Mark A. Welsh III is the new Chief of Staff of the U.S. Air Force. Welsh will be speaking to the Air Force Association in Montgomery on March 15 to deliver "A Vision for the United