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  • Your Verdict

    If you were to stand before a judge and account for your life, what would your verdict be?  Let's look at the areas of accountability and determine the appropriate judgment.Family Leader:  Did you engage in every aspect of your family, communicating fully, advising wisely and yet loving with all of

  • Patriotism

    With this being the month of November and Veteran's Day celebrated on the 11th, I was thinking about patriotism and what it really means. According to most dictionaries, patriotism means devotion to one's country, concern for its defense, and willingness to sacrifice for it.There are many ways to

  • For Your Situational Awareness!

    Our What? What is Situational Awareness? Many of you hear the term daily and don't really know what it means. Well, with the help of two articles written by Scott Stewart and Fred Burton, I will briefly try to explain what the term situational awareness is and how we can put it into practice in our

  • Sleep Cleans Brain Toxins

    As you may know, sometimes I get up on my soapbox and talk about the importance of getting adequate sleep, and I'm going to do it again. For all those folks out there who tell me they're perfectly fine getting by on five or six hours of sleep at night, think again. This research suggests that it is

  • Copyright Protection Laws, A Brief Explanation

    During my more than 30-year career as a personal and professional military photographer and videographer, I am often asked to duplicate photographs, video tapes, CDs, DVDs, etc. It seems like a fair question. After all, I have the equipment along with the knowledge and expertise to accomplish this

  • 117th Air Refueling Wing Debuts Regional MEOC

    Hurricane season is upon us and the different agencies that would activate during a disaster are busy testing equipment and reviewing plans in preparation for the worst. Members from the 117 Emergency Management (CEX) and 117 Communications Flight (CF) participated in two recent exercises. The

  • Research Shows Connection between Periodontal and Cardiovascular Disease

    In the current healthcare environment we all live in, it is becoming apparent that disease prevention will receive greater emphasis. Treatment costs and access to care will be increasing factors in our lives as a patient. An area of health promotion attracting more attention by providers and

  • Master Sgt. Edwards Determined To Help Others During Snowstorm

    Master Sgt. Ricky Edwards helped a stranded woman trying to retrieve her son from school. After successfully driving the woman to pick up her son they went to a grocery store to buy some kitty litter to free her vehicle. Edwards continued rescuing others until his vehicle became stuck. Edwards

  • 117th Air Refueling Wing Member Helps Stranded Neighbors During Snowstorm

    I just did what came naturally for me; helping people. I have a passion for helping others, especially the ones unable to help themselves for whatever reason. I live in a house up on a slight hill entering my subdivision. We made it home before all the chaos. I picked up my daughter, Ka'Lise, from