117th ARW Recruiting Office

1-800-TO-GO-ANG  (1-800-864-6264)



Recruiting Office Supervisor

   Master Sgt. Gavin Blakeley

   Phone: (205) 616-6814

   Email: Gavin.Blakeley@us.af.mil


Retention Office Supervisor

   Master Sgt. Michael Marimberga

  Office Phone: (205) 714-2385

Cell Phone: (205) 213-8629

  Email: Michael.Marimberga@us.af.mil



Production Recruiters


Serving Shelby Co. & West Alabama

   Tech. Sgt. Stephen Culbertson

  Phone: (334) 221-8690

  Email: Stephen.Culbertson.1@us.af.mil



Serving East Alabama

   Tech. Sgt. Patrick Cruz

  Phone: (205) 490-3928

  Email: Patrick.Cruz.7@us.af.mil


Serving Jefferson Co. & Walker Co.

   Tech. Sgt. Ebonee Thomas

  Phone: (205) 213-7995

  Email: Ebonee.Thomas@us.af.mil



Serving Huntsville & North Alabama

   Staff Sgt. Shane Wright

  Phone: (334) 221-7277

  Email: Shane.Wright.5@us.af.mil





ANG Careers

Part-Time Careers:

As a part-time (traditional) member of the Alabama Air National Guard, you will attend two days of unit training per month (drill) and two weeks of annual training per year after completion of basic military training and technical training.  See below for enlisted and officer opportunities.

Full-Time Careers:

Full-time Active Guard and Reserve (AGR), dual-status technician (technician) positions may be available as well for those who qualify.





(Current as of 01 Dec 2023)