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  • Birmingham Airman Volunteers At Local Charity Organizations

    As Airmen we all have a duty and a part in protecting our nation.  But there is service all of us can offer to our local communities in addition to our roles in national defense.Tech. Sgt. Tatiana Cookingham, a production controller in the 117th Maintenance Squadron, volunteers her time to local charities in the Birmingham area to help those in
  • Base Honor Guard, Another Way To Serve

    The 117th Air Refueling Wing Honor Guard team is seeking Airmen interested in honoring veterans and providing exposure to the military.  The Honor Guard provides a way to tell a story about a portion of someone’s life.  When they take part in a veteran’s funeral the Honor Guard provides direct visual representation of service.  The Honor Guard
  • Emergency Management Specialist

    From natural disasters such as tornadoes or hurricanes, to man-made disasters such as chemical or biological contaminants, the emergency management specialist must be prepared and have a plan for every possibility.Airman 1st Class Zachary Cates, an emergency manager at the 117th Air Refueling Wing, explains that his responsibility is to respond to

    You hear it all of the time: “You have to spend money to make money.” The Hydraulic Shop at the 117th Air Refueling Wing is not in the business of making money, but thanks to the arrival of a new machine, they will most certainly save money and lots of it. The new Hydraulic Test Machine is only one of two in the Air National Guard and one of four
  • State Command Chief Makes Final Visit

    Command Chief Master Sgt. Glenda Chambliss-Reddick of the Alabama Air National Guard will be retiring from the military soon with more than 37 years of service. She has served as the AL ANG Command Chief since February 2014. Something she feels is important for Airmen serving today is to always be prepared.“Be ready,” she said. “Be ready to receive
  • Alabama Guardsman Lays Wreath at Arlington

    On a sunny day last October here at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, the sentinels stood guard as they solemnly do every day. This day, however, proved to be unlike any other for Master Sgt. Daniel Pate, an Alabama Airman and father of a Muscle Shoals Middle School student. Pate is an Aerospace Ground Equipment Technician and a 1st Sgt. for the
  • Routine Check Ride Becomes Historic Event

    As an Air National Guard pilot completes undergraduate pilot training and returns back to their base, one of the first things they try to do is get their beans done. That’s pilot talk for currency training which includes a takeoff, an instrument approach and a landing. For 2nd Lt. Kyle Ledbetter, a young pilot just returning from pilot training
  • Changes of Command at 117 ARW

    The 117th Air Refueling Wing hosted three change of command ceremonies here on Dec. 9.The three ceremonies were for the 117 ARW, the 117th Operations Group and the 106th Air Refueling Squadron.Col. Scott Grant, the 117 ARW Vice Commander, assumed command of the 117th Air Refueling Wing from Col. Cliff James. Lt. Col. Mike Adams, the 106 ARS
  • Best Job In The Military

    There’s a saying in the military where some service members will tell anyone who asks that they have the “best job in the military”. Whether or not that’s actually true is usually subjective to the speaker. But for one special person assigned to the 117th Air Refueling Wing, that classic reply comes pretty close to being objectively true.  Staff
  • A Return to Sumpter Smith

    If you have recently passed through the gate at the 117th Air Refueling Wing, you may have noticed a new message on the digital marque in front of the Medical Group that reads “Welcome to Sumpter Smith Air National Guard Base.” Who is Sumpter Smith and why is the 117th Air Refueling Wing adopting his name? Walter Sumpter Smith was born on February