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For questions about how to obtain or renew ID cards, 

contact the 117 FSS Customer Service at (205) 714-2855.

117 FSS Customer Service Hours of Operation:

Tuesday 0730-1630
Wednesday 0730-1130
Thursday 0730-1630
Friday 0730-1630


DOD policy requires TWO forms of STATE or FEDERAL ISSUED identification for Military ID Card Issue on an individual over the age of 18.

**Examples of acceptable forms of ID:

  1. Primary:

  1. Valid Driver’s License

  2. Passport

  3. State ID

  4. Veteran’s Administration (VA) card 

  1. Secondary

    1. Social Security Card

    2. Birth Certificate

    3. Voter Registration Card

The DEERS/RAPIDS system WILL NOT allow us to issue a military ID card without meeting these requirements.

If you have any question or concerns, please feel free to call us at (205) 714-2855.

Hours of Operation

Tuesday through Friday 0730 to 1630

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Personnnel Records

Service records on former civilian and military members are NOT maintained by the Air National Guard. They are maintained by the National Archives and Records Administrations' National Personnel Records Center. Records request instructions and contact information is listed on their website.