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  • Our Legacy

    Since September 11, 2001, all members of the 117th Air Refueling Wing have shown a never ending commitment to fulfilling the mission in the nation's fight against terrorism, knowing that the lives of all military personnel have changed forever. On September 11, 2001, our once peaceful nation came under attack and our freedom was threatened. Here we
  • Combined Federal Campaign

    Did you know that the Combined Federal Campaign (CFC) is the ONLY charity fundraising drive authorized by the DoD to target government employees? This annual event is a chance to give back to your local, national, or international community. The best part is that the CFC is comprised of THOUSANDS of charities for you to choose from, so your
  • Managing Our Time

    "Time is what prevents everything from happening at once." - John Archibald WheelerToday's military is busier than ever. We deploy more now than ever before. There are requirements which must be met within specified times prior to deployment such as computer based training (CBTs) and other items on the out-processing checklists. There is
  • A Year in Review

    As I write this article, Thanksgiving is still two weeks away, but you will read this with Christmas on your mind. This is a special time of year: a time for celebration of holidays and evenings spent with family and friends eating way too much desert, a time to reflect on our past and contemplate the future. As I reflect on our wing's success, I
  • Force Development - Do You Have a Plan?

    Where to you want to be in five, ten or 15 years with respect to your ANG career? A lot of attention is being given lately to "having your squares filled" and being ready - NOW - to take on greater responsibilities. Unexpected opportunities come up sometimes with virtually no-notice, and you need to be ready to be a competitive candidate. In the
  • Retirement Process

    Did you know...myPers Can Assist You with Your Retirement Process?Are you a Regular Air Force, Air National Guard, Air Force Reserve or AF Civilian member nearing retirement eligibility and asking yourself, "Where do I begin?" The answer to that question is myPers. The myPers website is a total force source for personnel information and services.
  • February Safety Brief

    The Air Force has experienced ninety-three finger amputations from FY03 through FY12. This is an average of 7.25 amputations per year:FY 03: SixFY 04: TwoFY 05: ThirteenFY 06: SevenFY 07: TwelveFY 08: TenFY 09: ElevenFY 10: SeventeenFY 11: FiveFY 12: ThreeFY 13: Seven and counting...Already in FY13, we are matching our ten year average for the year