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  • Changes in the Air National Guard

    I enlisted on Jan 11, 1990, and I can promise you the Air National Guard has changed in the 27 years I’ve been in the 117th Air Refueling Wing.  Change is never easy, especially when the changes look mostly bad.  We’re are now worried about OPR and EPR bullets, our operations tempo is up, the deployment tempo is up.  I won’t attempt to convince you
  • Blessed and Thankful

    The month of November is a month set aside by our nation to remember our blessings and to give thanks for them.  There are two federal holidays in November, Veterans Day and Thanksgiving Day.  Veterans Day is set aside to say thank you to the men and women that have sacrificed so much for our nation and to remember those that gave the ultimate
  • What's Your Why?

    Why did you get up this morning?  Why did you join the Air National Guard?  Why do you come to drill?  We all need to have a laser focus on our why.  Our why is what keeps us going when we’re tired.  Our why is what gives us the extra boost to get over the top, and our why is what makes us great.My why is my vision of the way things should be in
  • Far Above Ordinary

    When you open the homepage of the Air National Guard’s recruiting website at goang.com, you will find the following post immediately grabbing your attention:“The sky is no limit. The Air Guard is a unique military branch that offers opportunities you won't find in any other organization on the planet. Everyone has their own reason for joining - the
  • Medical Reporting And Your Responsibilities

    What are your responsibilities as an Air National Guard member when it comes to medical reporting?Throughout my career in the Air Force, many Air Guard members frequently ask the same question. “What are my responsibilities, as a member, to provide medical information?” “When and how often?”There are many aspects to those questions, for example, a
  • What Is The CCAF And Why Should You Be A Graduate?

    I am confident over the past couple of years that you have heard someone encourage you to enroll in the Community College of the Air Force.  Hopefully, you are fully aware of what the CCAF is and why you should be working to obtain an Associate’s Degree from the CCAF.  If you are not as familiar with the program as you would like to be, I offer the
  • New Beginnings

    New beginnings are always an exciting time.  Whether it is a new job or hobby, the start of a new beginning in your life can be filled with great excitement.  This fresh start encourages us to be the best we can be in our new role or adventure.A new job pushes us to impress our boss and coworkers by taking great initiative to complete tasks with
  • Back to the Basics

    When I played football in high school our head coach always wanted to focus on the basics of blocking and tackling early in the week, leading up to the game on Friday night.  He knew that we could never be our best or be able to execute the game plan that we wanted to unless we first focused on the basics.  Gen. Rice, the Director of the Air
  • Air National Guard Strong Bonds Program

    The Air National Guard Strong Bonds program is a key resiliency and relational program designed to increase Airmen Warrior readiness through assisting commanders in building and strengthening the structure of ANG families. It may be incorporated as part of the command’s Warrior Readiness and Retention initiatives. It is a preventative skills-based
  • Example in Volunteerism

    The Air Force values its airmen’s service to others. So much so, that a medal was created to recognize those that choose to volunteer their time in service to the civilian community. Most consider volunteering at a soup kitchen or spending days on Habitat for Humanity work sites. However, one member of the 117th Intelligence Squadron went above and