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  • 117th Maintenance Group restores RF-4C

    It’s not every day that someone can support the community, gain valuable training, and help restore history in a single job. Members of the 117th Maintenance Group were able to do just that by repainting a RF-4C located in Jasper, Alabama.

  • Introducing the 117th Historical Committee

    The 117th Air Refueling Wing's Historical Committee is a new organization that is aiming to educate all Airmen across the 117th about the history of the Wing and protecting our history.

  • 97-Years to Forever

    Most people don’t get the chance to spend 97 years on Earth, but Millard “Bo” Carwyle, a U.S. Army and World War ll veteran, is one of the few who has. Carwyle has witnessed and accomplished many things in his life and enjoys sharing his memories with others.