Your Verdict

  • Published
  • By Master Sgt. Bryan A. White
  • 117th Mission Support Group First Sergeant
If you were to stand before a judge and account for your life, what would your verdict be?  Let's look at the areas of accountability and determine the appropriate judgment.

Family Leader:  Did you engage in every aspect of your family, communicating fully, advising wisely and yet loving with all of your heart.  Did you spend time with your kids, make time for your spouse, and give all that you had to those most excellent relationships?  The leader sacrifices time, energy, money all in the name of love.  Will your legacy prove your family life worthwhile?

Workplace Leader:  Did you set a very high standard?  Were you always striving to mentor the younger troops by giving them wise advice and counsel?  Did you give of your time, energy, and money for the sake of your fellow employees?  Would your loss at the workplace be considered significant?

Community Leader:  Did you invest your time and energy into the community?  Were you instrumental in being a neighbor, helping a neighbor, and protecting your neighborhood?  Did you give of your time, energy, and money for your neighbors?  Will your neighbors speak kindly of you for years to come?

Spiritual Leader:  Did you seek out your calling and dedicate your life to it?  Was it earnest and sincere?  Did you make sacrifices in the pursuit of this calling?  Did your life reflect the values that you claimed?  Will you be seen as sincere or dishonest?

The life that we live directly influences those individuals placed in our lives.  Our failures today will be manifested as their failures tomorrow.   We are commanded to love with all of our heart, soul, and mind.  We are to love our neighbors as we love ourselves. 

The pursuit of excellence is not a slogan or a motto, but a life calling.  Every morning that our feet hit the ground we must determine that everything that we engage in will be with a pure heart, sound mind and a loving spirit.  We will give an account for our actions.  If we live a careless life and influence others without caring, this world will be a darker place.

Today, I challenge you to excellence:  Love your family with all your might.  Influence your workplace with energy.  Build your community.  Live your life with conviction. 

The energy you expend will be manifested with rewards by those surrounding you.