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Training Ensures Readiness for Firefighters

  • Published
  • By Senior Airman Wesley Jones
  • 117 ARW Public Affairs
Approximately 25 fire fighters from the 117th Civil Engineering Squadron practiced fighting structure fires here at the 117th Air Refueling Wing on September 19.

The firefighters used a travel trailer and other equipment to simulate structure fires caused by propane gas.

They utilized the "two-in, two-out" policy which mandates that firefighters never enter a building alone during a rescue mission, according to Master Sgt. Brian Garvich. Two firefighters act as a team entering the structure and another two-person team is waiting outside the hazard dedicated to rescuing those inside, should they need it.

"We worked on the two-in, two-out tactics and I think we did very well at that. We also worked on ventilation, search and rescue and stream patterns. Of course, safety is our biggest concern during these events and I believe we did a great job over-all," said Garvich.

The firefighters used a tanker truck named Redbird 25 that holds more than 5,000 gallons of water and requires a licensed operator at all times. During a real-world event, the firefighters would use the tanker as well as underground water hydrants to fight fires on the base.

"Our unit is lucky to have that tanker because it can act as our supplement water supply in certain situations," said Garvich. 

Staff Sgt. Daniel Futral and Staff Sgt. Keith Ryon were also recognized for their outstanding performance during the training exercise and their personal fitness as they successfully completed their annual physical training test directly after the training.