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December's Excellent Airman

  • Published
  • By Staff Sgt. Nicholas Faddis
  • 117th Air Refueling Wing

This month's “Excellent Airman” is Master Sgt. Joshua Hall! Hall serves as the Ground Transportation NCOIC in the 117th Logistics Readiness Squadron. “We are in charge of managing the fleet. We distribute them out, track the mileage, and we’re in charge of the base licensing program," he said. "We also work hand-in-hand with TMO on receiving, processing, and distributing out things like MICAPs, Priority three, four and fives, GPC purchases, etc.”

Hall has been serving for almost 14 years, and joined in 2010, “My career actually started in Montgomery. I was a part of the 908th CE. I did that for six years,” he continued to explain. “I actually had a break in service for almost two years.” After making the decision to get back in, Hall made some phone calls and discovered that there was a base located here in Birmingham, and had a choice between POL and Ground Transportation.  “The reason I chose Ground Transportation is my wife was actually ground transportation in Montgomery, so I was a little [more] familiar with the job.”

Hall explained that one of the more memorable experiences he’s had with the 117th was his second trip he took to Ramstein Air Base in Germany. “I got a lot of good training. I actually put on Staff Sgt. in Germany,” Hall explained. “It was a good experience, I got a lot of good training and I met some people that I still talk to today.”

In addition to his trip to Germany, Hall has another memory from when he enlisted. “The military is how I met my wife. We actually swore in together,” he explained. “I’ve got a picture of us where we’re actually standing right next to each other and we didn’t even know each other. Thats how we met and is probably the most memorable experience.” 

“When I got this job, I was actually working a full time job at Honda Manufacturing in Lincoln,” Hall explained. “The girl that was doing this job at the time got a new position and told me about it. I had to quit my other job to come out here and they took a chance on me. It worked out for the better.

Not only was Hall working full time, he was simultaneously working on furthering his education. “I have my CCAF, and I’m currently working on my Bachelors in Management. I have about 9 credit hours left so around three classes and I’ll have my bachelors hopefully by summer of 2024,” he explained. “After that, I’m thinking about pursuing my Masters.”

“Coming out here has been a really great experience and has been life changing for me and my family. It’s been a very positive change for me.”