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Vehicle Extraction Training

  • Published
  • By Tech. Sgt. Jeremy Farson
  • 117th Air Refueling Wing Public Affairs

Firefighters from the Sumpter Smith Air National Guard Base conducted vehicle extrication training here on May 20.

This training gave the firefighters more experience in getting out people who are stuck in a wrecked vehicle using specialty tools.

“We practiced making cuts, sawing windshields and rolling away the roof or other material that may cause a person to be trapped in a vehicle,” said Master Sgt. Gregory Price, the 117th Civil Engineering Squadron Assistant Chief of Operations.  “We also stabilize the vehicle using struts, air bags and cribbing blocks before taking any action for the safety of those involved in the crash and the people working to get them out.”

There are a broad range of scenarios this training may be used in a real life application, ranging from car wrecks to aircraft mishaps.

Since the base is located on a civilian airport, the fire station is made up of city, state and ANG firefighters.  This training will help them to work together during a real world incident.

“If we respond to an in-flight emergency for military aircraft, the Guard or the state can be in charge and if we respond to a commercial flight, the city is in charge, we help out each other,” said Price.  “We may also have to be the first responders to an off-base car accident if we are closest.”

During the week the crew in any on-base fire truck can be comprised of any combination of city, state and ANG firefighters.

All firefighters are required to have extrication training and typically each person will go through it at least on an annual basis.