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117 arw troop card information


Welcome to the Virtual Online Troop Card. The information on this page is designed to help answer questions you encounter from the general public. Please feel free to give us feedback and how this information can be improved.


  Mr. Ken Johnson

  117 ARW Public Affairs Office

  205 714-2319



Command messages


        We are proud of our 100 year history and it is a privilege to serve our community, state and nation.


We are dedicated to protecting our nation and helping our communities in times of need.

We are committed to supporting military operations throughout the world.

Alabama ANG

117 ARW Mission

Provide quality worldwide air refueling, airlift, support, logistics, intelligence, and medical services in support of our community, state, and nation.


117 ARW Vision

A world-class team of empowered men & women committed to continuous improvement and excellence, operating as the model Air National Guard unit into the twenty-first century.







The Alabama National Guard can rapidly respond to crises like the COVID-19 pandemic – Less time and distance = More lives saved.

The 117 ARW trains in rigorous and realistic venues to conduct aviation, medical, engineering, logistics and other life-saving tasks.

The Alabama National Guard response forces are designed to put the right life-saving capabilities on the ground at the right time to support local and state authorities.

This is not a new mission for the 117 ARW. We have long had the mission of supporting civil authorities in responding to disasters and training for large scale homeland response.

Always Ready, Always There

Knowledge & Information

   Priorities - The health and safety of our Airmen, families, friends and neighbors; ensuring we are mission ready and supporting our state and federal partners.

  Support – Currently, Alabama Guard members are assisting in medical and logistical support operations and planning. As always, the 117 ARW is on standby for additional support requests from Alabama Emergency Management Agency. Up to date support information is found at

  Communication – In order to protect operational security as we preserve the nation's combat readiness, the 117 ARW and the other military services will only provide total numbers of service members in isolation, quarantine, or possibly infected with COVID-19 at the service level.

  Also, using social media and public communication sources the 117 ARW is combating false information and rumors, while still remaining OPSEC-minded. You can help by reposting good information and challenging rumors. For example:

NO discussion of a nation-wide quarantine

NO the Department of Homeland Security cannot mobilize the Air or Army National Guard

YES the Army and Air Guard is responding in coordination with Alabama Emergency Management Agency

YES our long-standing state and federal partnership help ensure a rapid and unified response.




For 7% of the Air Force budget, the Air National Guard provides 19% of the Air Force’s total personnel and 

30-40% of the Air Force fighter, tanker and airlift capacity 

An “as needed” force, the National Guard’s community-based, part-time structure offers myriad savings 

(nearly 85% of NG is part-time)


     Fewer pay days per year 

Lower medical costs

     Lower retirement expenditures

     Significantly lower training costs beyond initial qualification training

     Virtually no cost for moving families and household goods to new duty stations

     Fewer entitlements, such as housing and food allowances

     Lower base support costs in terms of services and facilities such as housing and child care facilities

           For the cost of one active duty service member, our Nation can train, retain and deploy three National Guard Soldiers or Airmen 

           Much of the National Guard’s dual-use equipment can be employed for federal and domestic missions 

           The ANG operates for less than two cents of every dollar spent on defense


america depends on the national guard



Always Ready, Always There

There are over 6,800 National Guard members supporting domestic

            operations in the United States

           More than 2,100 Air Guard members are protecting America’s air space supporting Aerospace Control

         Alert missions

           More than 1,050 Army and Air National Guard members serving on the Southwest Border

           350 Guard members providing counter drug support in the SWB states

           96 percent of all emergencies in the United States are handled by civil authorities or the National Guard


History of the 117th Air Refueling Wing

The 117th Air Refueling Wing can trace its roots back to a World War I era flying club. The Birmingham Flying Club, also known as the Escadrille's, was the seventh federally recognized flying squadron on January 21, 1922 by the United States War Department. "Maj. James A. Meissner, a World War I ace who had flown with Capt. Eddie Rickenbacker, led the effort to form the unit and served as its first commander."*

During World War II the observation mission expanded to include fighters and bombers. After WWII the squadron was re-organized into the 117th Fighter Group, which quickly became the 117th Tactical Reconnaissance Wing. In 1994, the unit began flying the KC-135R Stratotankers and was re-designated as the 117th Air Refueling Wing.

Lineage of Aircraft*
1918-- 1-A-2
1922-1933-- JN-4, JN-6, DH-4, TW-3, PT-1, BT-1, O-2, O-11, and O-17
1933-1941-- O-38
1938-1942-- O-47
1941-1942-- O-49, A-20, and P-40
1942-- P-39, P-43, O-46, L-3, and L-4
1943-1945-- B-25
1946-1957-- B/RB-26
1957-1971-- RF-84
1971-1994-- RF-4
1994-Present-- KC-135

* "Lineage and Honors History of the 106th Air Refueling Squadron (ANG)" by SSgt Matthew Scales

117 ARW Leadership

117 ARW Commander

Col. Mike Adams

117 ARW Vice Commander

Col. Tyler Griffith

117 ARW Command Chief
Chief Master Sgt.
Nathan Fallin


key missions




Homeland Defense

Domestic Operations

Humanitarian Relief

Medical Evacuation

Sorties Flown Fiscal Year 2017:  1004


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 The 117 FSS Customer Service office will stop accepting customers at 1130 and 1600 , however during times of high volume the customer service office may suspend taking new customers prior to posted close of business hours.

Thank you.


The 117th Customer Service / ID Card Section is now accepting walk-in customers and will no longer schedule appointments. As always, priority will be given to current military members in uniform.


For questions about how to obtain or renew ID cards, 

contact the 117 FSS Customer Service at (205) 714-2855.

117 FSS Customer Service Hours of Operation:

Monday          Closed

Tuesday         0730-1130  and 1300-1600

Wednesday    0730-1130  and 1300-1600

Thursday       0730-1130  and 1300-1600

Friday             0730-1130  and 1300-1600




DOD policy requires TWO VALID forms of STATE or FEDERAL ISSUED identification for Military ID Card (CAC/Retired or Dependent) issue on an individual 18 years of age or older. (ALL forms must be Original or Certified Copy and NOT EXPIRED) One of your IDs MUST BE A PHOTO ID, that is listed below.

  1. Primary: (Must be Photo ID)

  1. Valid Driver’s License

  2. Passport

  3. State ID (Does not include school/work issued IDs).

  4. Veteran’s Administration (VA) card 

  1. Secondary: (Does not have to be a Photo ID)

    1. Social Security Card

    2. Birth Certificate

    3. Voter Registration Card

The DEERS/RAPIDS system WILL NOT ALLOW us to issue a military ID card without meeting these requirements.

Dependents will need a DD Form 1172, signed by the MILITARY MEMBER within 90 days of issue.

If you have any question or concerns, please feel free to call us at (205) 714-2855.


CAC Replacement Guide 

Scan or Click QR Code for a Guide to Replacing Your CAC Card



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